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10 Common Roofing Mistakes You Should Totally Avoid

Roofing in San Antonio, san antonio roofing companyEvery homeowner desires a roof that is of good quality, durable, aesthetically appealing and cost-effective. But unintentionally they often fall prey to these common mistakes when it comes to roofing in San Antonio.

Mistakes You Should Avoid For Roofing in San Antonio
Choosing DIY roofing over hiring an expert

While DIY projects may be beneficial in a lot of other areas, it’s best to leave roofing to expert San Antonio roofers. The quality and durability that comes with expertise cannot be matched by amateur work.

Not doing a background check on the roofing company

Beware of storm chasers that show up after a storm to repair your roof and ask for an advance. You should also avoid door-to-door roofers, unlicensed and uninsured roofers. Read customer reviews and check the company’s Better Business Bureau Rating before hiring.

Opting for the lowest or verbal quote

The lowest quote is not always the best quote. Don’t base your decision of hiring a roofer based on just the price. Look for the past experience, expertise and quality. Get a proper written estimate of the costs involved and also draw up a contract listing the scope of work.

Shopping for your own materials

In most cases shopping to get the best deal is a great idea, it can prove to be a costly mistake when it comes to roofing. The roofing contractor has the expertise to select the right material and decide the right quantities which you don’t.

Installing new shingles over old ones

Homeowners often insist on installing shingles over the old ones to cut down on the cost and tedious process of removing the old one. This results in a shoddy looking work that is more susceptible to damage.

Reusing old roof flashing

Another mistake homeowners make is asking roofers to reuse the old flashing that is used to divert water from your roof to your gutter system. If the flashing breaks down, it could ruin your newly setup roof.

Insufficient attic ventilation

A good roofer will make sure to review the attics and ventilation system prior to the roofing. Poorly ventilated attics can damage the roof and also severely impact the ventilation within your home.

Using nails incorrectly

This might appear very silly, after all why would a roofer miss something as basic as using the nails correctly. But the fact is that some roofing repair contractors use insufficient nails or don’t place them in the right places or don’t drive them through the nail strip. This affects the quality of the roofing work.

No maintenance plan

However good the roofing might be, you cannot do away with maintenance altogether. It is always advisable to sign up for a preventive maintenance plan with a good contractor. As a result, the life of your roof increases and breakdowns can be prevented.

Avoiding repairs

Putting off the roof repairs would mean putting off the associated costs for some time. But it would worsen the condition of the roof. You might need even more substantial repairs due to the delay.




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