The Advantages And Drawbacks Of Using Metal Roofs

san antonio roofing companyIt is a great way to upgrade your residence or replacing your existing roof by installing metal roofs as they provide lots of benefits.

However, before making a final decision it is best to be aware of what to expect from a metal roof and compare its characteristics with other roofing materials such as asphalt, wood an tile. Here are the pros and cons of metal roofs,



This type of roofs is extremely durable, especially if it is a standing seam metal roof. It has been found that they can last about 40- 70 years. They can also survive adverse weather conditions like high winds, fire and snow. Additionally, they are resistant to leaks and pests. So, if you are looking for longevity, metal roofs are your best option.


Metal roofs do not necessitate much maintenance. They don’t rust or corrode under normal situations as they are made to be water-resistant and can easily dry out. However, if there is a lot of litter on the roof and blockage in the gutters, then water gets collected over the roof and can cause damage. Hence, keep your roof clean.


Metal roofs are mostly fabricated from recycled material and can be recycled again after their lifetime.


Metal roofs require higher initial cost. But fortunately you could eventually save the price difference as they can remain functional for many years. Also, they are a bit noisier when compared to the tile roofs. But standing seam metal roofs provide better acoustic ability.

Thus, metal roofs are worthy of your consideration the next time you are renovating your home.