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Common Roof Problems that Need a Quick Fix

Common Roof Problems that Need a Quick Fix
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Commercial roofing problems are unavoidable and can have a number of problems over time. From design quality to weather conditions, there are different factors that affect the life of your commercial roof. But with proper planning, these issues are often preventable. Here we’ve listed a few common commercial problems that business owners and facility managers must focus on.

Leaking Roof

Maintaining a commercial roof is a big responsibility. When it springs a leak, it can be frustrating. Severe weather conditions can cause roof leaks to occur even with regular roof maintenance. Stained ceiling and walls, mold growth, and water puddles are some common signs of a commercial roof leak. Talk with your roofing contractor in San Antonio for a preventative maintenance program to minimize or eliminate interior water intrusion.


No commercial building owner wants to experience a roof blow-off. It occurs when the commercial roof system fails entirely, exposing the structural decking to the elements and allowing rain or snow to directly enter the building. It’s also caused when the roof has not adhered properly to the substrate. If multiple parts of the roof are starting to fail, consider a roof replacement.

Ponding Water

According to The National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), water standing more than 48 hours is considered to be undesirable ponding water. Ponding water can cause great damage to your commercial roof even in a short span of time. In the roofing industry, 1” deep pond weighs 5.2 lbs/square foot. This additional weight can pose a great risk to the structural integrity of the building. By adding proper roof drains, this issue can be fixed.

Poor Installation

One of the primary reasons for commercial roof problems is poor roof installation. Poor installation or workmanship increases several roof issues and decreases the life expectancy of your commercial roof system. Ask your roofing contractor in San Antonio for a checklist that can be used for data collection and reporting. Get a written inspection report and clear details on any structural details or modifications they make.

Poor Maintenance

Did you know most roof issues can be avoided if identified early? Lack of routine maintenance often leads to unexpected roof issues and even converts minor problems into major concerns. So, don’t ignore possible trouble spots and stick to a reliable maintenance schedule to avoid any roof issues.

In addition to these issues, the usage of improper roofing materials or improper roof repair in San Antonio can also lead to significant roof problems. Moreover, using materials that are not intended for application on specific roof types can result in permanent damage.

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