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How to well ventilate your roof

How to well ventilate your roof

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Roof ventilation is very important to ensure the right temperature in the house and to let air flow freely to keep the house comfortable. Proper roof ventilation ensures that your home is warm in the cold season, cutting down on your energy bills. There are many ways for roof ventilation but you must consult roofing companies in San Antonio before making any major changes.

There are a few types of roof ventilation:

  • Basic static vents
  • Modern power vents
  • Ridge vents

The most effective among these are ridge vents that get the name because of the place where they are installed– along the ridges of the roof. Soffit vents can be installed to provide intake ventilation. San Antonio roofers will tell you that these vents can be installed along the underside of the overhang of the roof or along the eaves. Homeowners have the option of choosing gable vents which are installed at the gables or roof vents that are placed higher on the surface of the roof.

Any work on the roof must be done by licensed roofing contractors. San Antonio homeowners must ensure that the roof and attic ventilation is done in accordance with the local regulations. Proper roof vents release some of the hot air in summer to regulate the temperature inside and also make way for cool air to get in. During the winter, outdoor air and the warm air inside lead to ice dam formation. With proper vents in the roofing San Antonio residents can maintain indoor temperature and increase lifespan of the building.





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