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Pre-summer Roof Inspection and Maintenance to Face the Harsh Summer Days

commercial roofing inspections, san antonio roofing companyBlazing hot summer with its damaging UV rays is ready to bear down. The extreme heat rays from the scorching sun can break down the materials in your roof and reduces their moisture proofing properties over time. From wood shake to asphalt shingles, this occurs in every type of roofing materials, hence requires the support of professional roofing companies in San Antonio.

When Is the Right Time for Roof Inspection?

  • After a harsh winter with heavy snow or rain
  • Before and after a very hot summer
  • After a wind damage
  • After destruction caused by tree or other heavy object on your roof

Roof Inspection and Maintenance

A good roofing contractor provides a through roof inspection and maintenance service that wouldn’t allow you to call and request them again and again. They offer,

  • A full interior roof inspection that includes assessing R-value, checking for moisture, mold and more.
  • A full exterior roof inspection that involves checking leaks, condition of roof shingles, proper flashing, chimney work and more.
  • They carefully examine the walls and decks of your home or commercial establishment to keep an eye out for damage or signs of aging.
  • Once they have sorted out the problems, they create a customized plan to fix the roofing issues.
  • They also schedule a regular roof inspection and maintenance service to root out future problems from the very beginning.

With proper maintenance service and regular inspections, you can prepare the roofs for extreme harsh weather conditions. So, why wait? Visit Santex roofing in San Antonio now to schedule an appointment.




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