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Roof Damaged by Hurricane Harvey? Beware of Storm Chasers!

san antonio roofing companyAs the nation recovers from Hurricane Harvey, you should hear upsetting stories about the extent of loss and damage caused to several homes by the disaster. Houses are flooded, possessions are lost, and buildings are damaged.

Finding your ideal roofing contractor in San Antonio to replace your damaged roof can be challenging in this situation, as there’ll be several ‘storm chasers’ presenting themselves as expert roofers to take advantage of you. They use aggressive marketing techniques to do business with you and even make you sign a letter of intent. Reputable contractors would never do this. Make sure you hire the right professional by remembering these tips:

1. Consult with Several Contractors:

Talk to several roofing contractors and analyze how honest and reasonable they are in offering their price quotes. Beware of any excessively priced or overwhelmingly low-priced bids. Most contractors would do anything to convince you, but in the end, you are the one to decide whom should you hire. Discuss with the contractors will also help to build rapport and trust with them in the first place.

Good contractors strike a perfect balance between price and quality to ensure a pleasant experience for their clients.

2. Research their Credentials:

Other than discussing with various contractors and gauging their honesty, make sure you do a little background check on the contractor you are considering to hire. Good and reputable contractors will be licensed to offer the service, and will also be ready to provide at least three references that proves they are good at what they do. Moreover, ask if they have liability insurance as well. This saves you from any financial obligations that shall arise from any accident during the job.

3. Review the Contract Carefully:

Before signing the contract, read the terms very, very carefully. Professional roofing contractors will allow you to take time to review the contract and discuss the terms enlisted in the agreement. They’ll be happy to clarify any doubt you have regarding the same. Not to forget, the warranty that comes with the product if you’re replacing the roof.

Get everything in writing including the mode of payment, due date, what materials will be used and any other extra terms being agreed upon.

4. Make a Note of their Communication:

Communication is a really important aspect. Make a note of how they deal with you throughout the encounter. Ensure they return your calls and are happy to serve you, no matter what. If they aren’t readily available to help you out, it can create problems down the road.

With due diligence and research, you shall end up finding the right San Antonio roofer for your roofing project. Evaluate the service and pricing policies meticulously and keep away fraudsters to prevent losing your money.




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