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If you are unsure of the type of roofing you want for your home, we can assist you with a wide range of roofing replacement models. Here are the best options for you to consider along with expert roof replacement services in San Antonio.


Go for Asphalt Roofing

It is one of the most popular types of roofing in San Antonio, Texas
mainly because of its durability. It can withstand any climate and stay
firm for up to 25 years and sometimes close to 30 years. Fiberglass and
organic shingles are two varieties of asphalt roofing that are

24 Gauge Standing Seam Metal Roof
24 Gauge Standing Seam Metal Roof

Waterproof coating of Asphalt covers the woven fiberglass support or base in a Fiberglass roofing. It is less prone to fire, and it is not that heavy. In Organic Shingles, Asphalt covers a base made out of cellulose, recycled paper, or wood fiber support. They are much more substantial than the fiberglass roofing. They do not break in the cold season and comes in two conventional designs, a 3-Tab Shingles, and a dimensional shingle.

Durable and Economical:

Asphalt roofing in San Antonio is preferred by many since it is more permanent than other options that are on the market, and it is also economical.

Enhances the Curb Appeal:

We recommend this product because it can improve the curb appeal of your house. Aesthetics of your home from outside will look more appealing. They come in many colors and designs. For those that prefer the wood look can find shingles that are having color and pattern of the wood.

Consider Metal Roofing

It is quite popular these days. It has increased its sales in the market by more than four times just this past decade. There are so many benefits that come from choosing this roofing for your home.

Durable and Beautiful:

This type of roofing can perform well for up to 50 years. These shingles are fire-resistant and rust-free, and most importantly, they stay strong even in harsh climates. Winds blowing up to 150 MPH can do no damage to it. They are lighter than other roofing materials, heat resistant, and can keep your home a lot cooler, saving you money on electric bills.

Expert Advice:

We recommend this type of roofing due to its impact resistance. Although, many insurance companies give you a discount on the premiums if you choose to have metal roofing.

You Will Love Modified Bitumen Roofing

Modified Bitumen roofing San Antonio, Texas is one of the options that are available on the market. This type of roofing reduces cracks from appearing on the roof and protects your home in extreme climates like storms and hail and is fire-resistant.


Manifold Benefits of This Roofing: This kind of roofing can last up to 20 years with very less maintenance. Hot Asphalt with additives like plastic and rubber creates Modified Bitumen. They are pretty strong and avoid tears as well as punctures from appearing.


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