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Roofing Replacement

Asphalt Shingles

Durable – 3 tabs 25 years or Dimensional 30 Year Roofing systems
Curb Appeal 

Durable – Rust Resistant, hidden fasteners, Withstands winds up to 150 MPH. Energy Efficient – Reflects solar energy, great for Texas heat. Curb Appeal – Many colors to choose from. Expert Tip – Metal roofs are considered impact resistant and will save you money on your Insurance carrier.
Modified Bitumen
Durable – Resistant to tears and punctures Low Slope System – Modified Bitumen Combines hot asphalt with plastic and rubber additives.

Roof Repair

Wind Damage
The effect of wind moving over a roof is not uniform. Areas like the corners and perimeter of the roof can be susceptible to higher wind pressures, while the center of the roof might have lower stresses. According to the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), most wind damage to a roof starts on the edge. Anywhere the roofing material is even a little bit loose, the wind can get below it and push it up, thus giving the wind more to grab onto next time and creating a chain peeling effect. This type of wind damage can start very small but continues to grow over time through repeated exposure to wind. So, consider getting a wind damage roof inspection in San Antonio on regular basis.
Tree Damage

Roofing contractors recommend that you trim all branches that come within six feet of your roof. Not only will you protect your roof from potential tree damage caused by severe weather, but you will also prevent small animals from scampering across your roof to try to gain access to your home for spring nesting. You should also look at trees that are near your home. For instance, trees that stand close enough to fall on your roof when exposed to sleet and snow, pouring rain, or high winds are a major threat to the health of your roof.


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