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Things to Consider Before Making a Rooftop Garden

san antonio roofing companyThe rooftop gardens or vegetative roofs have become a trend for both commercial and residential buildings in San Antonio. They have several benefits for the owners. Green roofs are a viable option for better energy consumption, good insulation, reduced urban heat island effect, and storm water runoff. However, you need to get your roof prepared for implementing this idea. Here are the steps to follow:

Consider the Weight:

The rooftop gardens bear a substantial load. A 6-inch deep vegetative roof system can weigh nearly 40 pounds per square foot. You need to assess if the structure of your building and roof is robust for supporting this weight. Hire the professional roofing contractors in San Antonio to make this assessment.

Integrity of Waterproofing Membrane:

The waterproofing roof membrane is installed underneath the rooftop gardens. It is essential to ascertain whether this membrane is sustainable for a long term. This assessment should be made before installation of the vegetative roof system. If the leakage problems are detected after the installation, it can be extremely problematic to remove the garden components for finding the exact location of problem and repairing it.

The Warranty of Roof Membrane:

Rooftop garden systems are an overburden on the roofs. There are overburden warranties for the roof membrane. These warranties provide coverage when any materials are installed over this membrane. The issuance of overburden warranty depends on the type and thickness of the membrane. Here, the expert roofing contractors can help in assessing these conditions to find the best warranty for underlying roofing membrane.

The vegetative garden and roofing systems are different technologies that depend on each other. Therefore, you need your San Antonio roofing company to work with the garden installer for proper installation.




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