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Three Common Roof Leak Locations and how to prevent them

Three Common Roof Leak Locations and how to prevent them

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A roof is undoubtedly the most important part of a house. Yet most people forget about it until a leak appears. There are a few main roof locations where a leak is most likely to occur and it is important to locate them to be able to prevent further damage. Here are the best roofing ideas on how to avoid common roof leaks:

Chimneys –The area around the chimney is prone to leaks. There are a variety of reasons for this. To prevent or to detect leaks in this area, the entire area around the chimney needs to be inspected thoroughly periodically. The flashing should also be checked for cracks or additional damage and replaced if necessary.

Skylights: if a skylight is installed improperly it can result in leaks that are hard to detect. The flashing is often the main culprit here as most leaks occur where the roof and the skylight join. Only a trained roofing professional should be hired to inspect and if necessary, replace the flashing. For roofing ideas, San Antonio homeowners should always a professional for the best advice.

Roof valleys: The area where two slopes of the roof intersect is also prone to leaks. Since any damage in the roof valley is hard to fix with DIY methods, it’s best to call in a licensed roofing contractor to properly solve the issue.

The roof of a house tends to be more delicate as it is exposed to the elements. For roofing tips, San Antonio homeowners should consult a roofing company and get to know how to best maintain the roof of their home.




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