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Three Tips to Prepare Your Roof for the Fall Season

Tips to Prepare Your Roof for the Fall Season, san antonio roofing companyThree Tips to Prepare Your Roof for the Fall Season

Autumn is magically colorful and is filled with festivals of all kinds. It may however not be the best season for your roof as the latter needs to be thoroughly prepared to combat the impending climactic changes and its various consequences.

Here is a list of tips to prepare your roof to stay fit through autumn until the first freeze of winter.

Keep the roof and the gutters clear off debris

Leaves and other debris on the roof can hold moisture and must be cleared off regularly to avoid any potential chance of mould growth. Mould can be easily spread through the damp weather thus causing severe damage to the roof. Similarly the gutters must also be kept clear to avoid water clogging. When water and the wet leaves add pressure to the gutter system, it may collapse thus affecting the roof too.

Inspect the roof of existing damages

Once the roof is clean, scan it for damaged shingles or frayed edges. Check the most common areas that could be affected by leaks. The Santex Roofing firm in San Antonio must be immediately approached when the slightest sign of damage is detected.

Attic ventilation is important

While most people believe that ventilation is only for the high energy efficiency during summer, it is more important to prevent moisture damage during the colder days of the month. If the roofing system in unvented, then there must be robust insulation to avoid condensation on the roof sheathing. Consulting Santex Roofing Company in San Antonio for professional assistance is best recommended in any case.




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