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Top Roof Maintenance Tips

Top Roof Maintenance Tips

Top Roof Maintenance Tips, san antonio roofing company
A roof, if well maintained, can last up to 30 years and protect you and your home from the elements. San Antonio roofers will advise homeowners to regularly take care of their roof to minimize wear and tear and increase lifespan.

Here are the top tips for roof maintenance:

  1. Do frequent inspection

Regular inspection is recommended particularly in fall, for leaves and debris, in winter, because of snow accumulation, and after a storm for any damage.

  1. Clean the gutters

Clean leaves and other debris from gutters and downspouts after late fall since clogged gutters can lead to stagnant water and cause damps and leaks.

  1. Check for insects

Termites and ants can be bad news for roofs. Do periodic checks for signs of rotting like soft spots or shredded wood.

  1. Check the flashing

Flashings are coverings in the holes of the roof that are prone to leaks. Check the flashing around the vents and chimneys for signs of leaks.

  1. Clear overhead branches

Branches of trees can break or damage the roof over time. If you are unable to remove them yourself get in touch with roofing services. San Antonio has several trusted roofers to help you clean your roof.

  1. Walk around the house

When you take a walk around the house especially after a storm, check for broken pieces of shingles that might indicate damage. Brittle or dry shingle pieces can often be found lying around the house.

  1. Have a professional inspection

Most roofing companies in San Antonio do yearly inspections of residential roofs. It isn’t expensive and can prevent your roof from being damaged and calling for more extensive repair.




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