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Understanding the Factors of Roof Replacement

Right Frequency of Reroofing your Dwelling, san antonio roofing companyOn an average, a roof needs to be replaced in every 15-20 years. A roof replacement is a huge investment for a homeowner. Therefore, it is essential to understand if you are ready for this expenditure. Understand the cost composition and factors affecting a new roof to make informed choices and get the perfect bang for your buck. Here are the factors to keep in mind:

Size of the Roof:

It is needless to say that size matters the most in the cost of a new roof. Roofing companies in San Antonio charge on a per square foot basis.

Slope of the Roof:

It is another cost factor that you shouldn’t ignore. If the pitch of your roof is higher, the project will take more time and money for completion. Moreover, the roof systems having the height and length ratio above 7:12 require safety precautions and additional equipment that elevate the cost of installation.

The Type of Material:

The type of system used for installation will primarily affect the overall cost of a new roof.  The most common choices: slate, asphalt, metal, or metal standing seam depending on your roof Needs. Each of these materials has specific to your needs. You need to assess your budget and long-term requirements to choose the right option.

You must understand these key factors for ascertaining the cost of new roof in San Antonio.




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