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Ways to get Your Commercial Roof Ready for the Rainy Season

Ways to get Your Commercial Roof Ready for the Rainy Season, san antonio roofing company
Image by Eak K. from Pixabay

Rainy season or damp weather can cause considerable damage to your commercial roofing, especially if your roof isn’t equipped for the approaching weather. Do you know that damage can become worse if your roof is already showing cracks? Yes, frequent rains not only damage the surface of roofs, but can also damage the foundation of your building and the inventory or equipment inside. This is why a roof inspection in San Antonio is essential to make sure that your roof is all set to face the approaching rains without any damages or leaks.

Here are some ways suggested by the experts in roofing in San Antonio to get your commercial roof ready for the rainy season.

Examining the Roof

To begin with, you must do a roof inspection of your building. For this, you need to walk across the entire rooftop and look for any signs of damage or pooling of water. Some damages are easily spotted by experts, which it why it is a good idea to leave this responsibility to the experts in roofing in San Antonio. This way, you will know if your roof requires any repairs before the rains arrive, keeping your building safe.

Revamping/Replacing the Damaged Shingles

You must understand that your roof shingles act as the prime defense during the rainy season. So, look for any rips or tears that could possibly leak water in. Also, keep an eye out for cracks or warps on the shingles. If you are not sure of how to deal with the damages, get the help of experts in roof repair San Antonio, Texas.

Clear out the Gutters

Too much rain means your building’s drainage system is under extra pressure. If your gutters need to be cleaned, the rain water can get pooled up on the roof’s surface, concurrently resulting in damage. To make sure that the roof stays free from debris, check any blockages and clean the gutters.

Check Flashing on the Rooftop

Flashing is normally durable against any elements, yet you must make sure the roof isn’t damaged. There could be holes, mild cracks, and rust that develop over time. If left untreated, it could end up in leaks during the rainy season. So make sure it remains intact.

Cut off Branches

If you have any tree branches hanging over your roof, trim off these overhanging branches. They could cause significant damage during a rainstorm if the branches break off.




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